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"Whoever is in this castle is going to get burnt to a crisp"
Azool is a beautiful dragon who doesn't like company, especially human company.
This is a postcard sized mini canvas of a blue and yellow dragon inside a castle setting. A great small gift of a dragon to an lover and keeper of dragons.
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I love the colors of this little mini dragon painting.  Makes a great gift for dragon lovers and fantasy fiends.  I had one dragon painting that was an 11by14 and a friend bought it for his son who really loved it.  It was a sleeping dragon, painted purple and on a bed of gold which at that time looked just like a heap of yellow, at the time I did not have the fine brushes to do detail work.  I also wasn't happy with the way the horns looked then, I did that painting before I got the book I work with now on how to draw dragons, which is why my "I don't see any Dragons" painting looks so good.

Azool here has a barb on the end of his tail and a claw on his wing.  Sitting inside a castle you can tell he's not too big but with his vile stare he is not a dragon to play around with.

I put this one up on sale to hopefully move him out.  He's been sitting there for awhile.  It is my hope he finds a home.