Drama, Drama, Drama!

The truth about my relationship: Drama, drama, drama!
It’s funny how in relationships, something that starts off as a small disagreement can escalate into a huge problem in a short amount of time. 
When you are in a relationship with someone, it’s almost impossible to sweep an issue under the rug… it always has a way of reappearing. Issues don’t go away—they just mask themselves temporarily. And somehow, the longer you wait to address them, the harder it is to overcome them. And the impact it has on the relationship is bigger. 
My boyfriend and I were caught in this situation.  In fact, we weren’t just caught, we were rendered immobile. We had a slight disagreement last weekend about the limits of our relationship and what’s appropriate to do or not do while the other is not there. Well, fast forward five days later and we were having a full argument about trust and dishonesty! And the whole time we are arguing, I’m asking myself: How did we get here?
I was asking myself that, but I really knew the answer and I knew whose fault it was: MINE. I didn’t address the minor issue when it first occurred, so the longer I went without addressing it, the more problematic it became.  So although we had had no prior issues of trust or dishonesty in our relationship, the fact that I hadn’t addressed the minor issue,created a trust problem. 
And with the trust problem came the infamous DRAMA. My boyfriend and I generally try to keep drama out of our relationship—neither one of us like it.  However, this time, we were a slave to the drama. We couldn’t break free from its reign. It had a hold of us and the more drama we would entertain, the more would come. It was this vicious cycle of drama feeding more drama.
We both knew we needed to come to a resolution but we didn’t know how…
So for now, we are caught…

-Brooke Alexandria


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