Dramatic Black Floors

Black interiors are back!  We have seen black walls increase in popularity, but if that's too much for you, try going black on your floors.  Black floors add depth to a space, and is a timeless look.

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What types of material can I get in black?  Wood floors and varying types of stone come in black.  Choose an ebony stain or an ebony wood for your floors.  The way the wood grain takes the stain will vary with each type of wood as well as each board within that specific type, adding visual texture.  Choose a natural stone such as black granite, slate, or marble for your floors, depending on the finish will reflect the light, adding another visual element.   Also lets not forget about black porcelain tiles, they come in so many textures and patterns, as well as staining concrete floors black.  When selecting a stone or tile floor, design the floor to have a pattern mixing the tile finishes, for example use a combination of honed & polished together--creating visual and textural interest.



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