Dream a couple dreams

So my first dream last night was of my older brother getting into a casket. He is quite tall and clearly the casket was not big enough because he had to lay on his side and curl up a little bit. He was picking out his own casket. He kept pushing at the cushion on the ends in hope to make a little more room for himself to lay out straight inside. All I remember thinking is how sad it was that he wouldn't even have a casket that fit him when he died.

 Second dream was me at home visiting my family. My stepdad was making ramen noodles and I kindly rejected the offer. I went downstairs into the basement and heard music. I thought this was odd because nobody is supposed to be down there. I then heard a little plastic lid rattling on top of a plastic storage container. Inside I found my little brother. He was sick but did not want his Dad to know that he was home from school. I asked him if he needed anything and his only request was water. When I went upstairs to get the water I found bowls of ramen noodle and nobody there to eat them. My other brothers had either left or gone to bed. I felt bad and ended up grabbing a bowl to eat.

 My last dream was going out on my boyfriends family yacht. We got onto the boat and soon he was backing it out of the harbor like a pro. We went a little ways out and I just laid out in the sun. I found a little silver sandal charm and a crucifex and asked if it was supposed to be for me? He seemed confused and then we saw several silver chains hanging on a rack. We guessed they must be his dads and I thought it was weird that his dad would have a sandal charm.


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