Dreaming Chickens and Sustainable Living

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher!


Saturday, March 2, 2013 (Chronicles)

For many weeks now, hubby and I have been discussing “chickens” and “sustainable living,” a long-time dream of ours. And we’ve at length discussed keeping green with our environment—a challenge, to say the least, because of where we live.

We live in the hills, where a variety of wild and free-spirited animals roam the property: pollinating bees, deer, coyote, skunk, rabbits, cats, lizards, quail, bird of prey, and some rather large possums that much resemble giant rats, and the likes of which I’ve never seen. When I first laid eyes on the beastly thing, in broad daylight, no less, (and here I thought they were nocturnal?!), ever so slowly crossing our front yard, well, it gave me the creeps and I squealed with a shiver! I was immediately reminded of the movie “The Princess Bride.” There’s a scene in the movie where “Farm Boy” wrestles a “ROUS”, Rodents of Unusual Size, when he and Princess Buttercup attempt to cross the Fire Swamp, fleeing from Prince Humperdinck.

And I kid you not when I say that this “ROUS” I saw was nearly the size of the one from the movie. *Burr*

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)

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