Dreaming of Geeking Out at BlogHer 12

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The other day I received an email from Nelly Yusupova (@DigitalWoman), an impressive and accomplished woman I meet at a BlogHer event a few years ago. She mentioned she was attending BlogHer this year and was speaking about Facebook marketing. She also talked about a new workshop she's working on through Webgrrls – she's the CTO of Webgrrls – called Tech Speak that helps entrepreneurs get started.

Nelly with others at BlogHer
photo by VeeSees via Flickr

That's Nelly, second from the right, in the photo – perhaps you recognize some of the other faces as well.

Nelly is awesome, but she's just one example of awesome in the world savvy, geeky, technophiles you will meet at BlogHer. There are so many interesting sessions and people who are interested in technology at BlogHer. I am going to miss the event this year, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about the potential awesomeness to be found there in the category of totally geeking out! In the interests of making sure you don't miss anything in the tech offerings, here's a summary of the most important things to see and do if you're a geeking out kind of gal.

A Guide to Geeking out At BlogHer12

There's a series of panel sessions all called "The Technical" in the Schedule. These sessions cover the following topics:

Every one of them sounds fantastic. But you have to pick and choose, because going on concurrently with these great panels, things are happening in the Geek Bar.

You need to sign up for sessions in the Geek Bar and there are very few spots left open. I'm not going to taunt you by listing everything you can do in the geek bar, since the slots are almost all filled. I'll summarize by saying there are sessions on different platforms, many aspects of blog management, social media help, Photoshop, design audits and media kits. Check the list and see if there's still a space in one of the sessions you'd like to attend.

Other sessions, be they about writing, professional development, or anything else all have technological information and enlightment to offer.

Don't overlook the casual meetings over meals, at parties, in the hotel lobby, or anywhere else you might run into that one woman who has just the information you want or the help you need. Most of all, don't hide your own light – you may be just the person someone else is looking for as a source of information or help.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.