DIY Brows: Perfectly Groomed, At Home

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Beautiful brows are key to a pretty face, and they make a huge impact on your look with relatively little effort. Unlike bangs or make-up, once you've groomed your brows they're done for days and even weeks at a time -- there's no need to wake up early in the morning to style them. When your brows are neat, you look put together even if you're not wearing a lick a of make-up.

If there's one beauty skill you need to master, it's grooming your brows. Are you intimidated by tweezers? Don't be! There's an easy way to do your own brows; I promise you don't need to have a surgeon's steady hand to achieve good results. The one thing to remember is this: When in doubt, don't over pluck! You can always pluck a few more hairs tomorrow, but growing in sparse brows is a slow process. Easy does it!

Use a stencil. I used to worry that using a stencil would give me comically fake brows - I mean, if there is one area where one size does not fit all, it is eyebrows. I don't like funky brow shapes -- I tend to prefer my natural arch, just cleaned up for a bit of glamour. I thought a stencil would lead me down the path of penciled in brows, and I just...did not..want to go there.

However, when I went to get my brows professionally done at the Anastasia brow bar in my local Nordstrom's, the technician used one of their stencils and I was left with almost perfect brows. I say "almost" because she used scissors to trim them and I don't like how I look with shorter brows, but the shape itself was perfect -- it followed my brow's natural arch and the brows weren't too thick or too thin. So I bought a stencil set (my favorite is the Medium High Arch) and haven't looked back since, because now I can do my brows exactly as I like.

One thing to remember is that the stencil is merely a guide: Don't try to mold your brows to match the set exactly, though the instructional video shows you how to customize the stencils to fit your eyes and face.

Outline with brow powder. I'm not going to lie to you. I don't wear brow powder as part of my makeup routine, my life just isn't that glamorous. But if I ever get to go to a black tie event or need to walk the red carpet I'll definitely do it. I just think it's a bit much for preschool drop-off, you know? But I do use it when I'm tweezing my brows. It's what I use with my stencil to mark the shape of my brows before I pluck any hairs. TIP: Powder the shape of both brows before you start plucking -- that way you can make sure they're aligned before any damage is done.

Invest in a pair of good tweezers. I use Tweezerman tweezers because I read somewhere that they're the best; I bought the set with the slanted and pointy tweezers. I like them a lot, and I've sent them back to get sharpened for free so I've never had any reason to buy a different set. I highly recommend them!

One last thing, for my friends who have too-thin brows and want to grow them in: The three supplies I've recommended above are for you too! You can use the stencil/brow powder to groom your brows as they grow, the stencil will serve as your guide, and you'll know which hairs to pluck without messing up the shape. It makes the growth stage a bit less tricky. I also recommend you use one of the new lash/brow conditioners on the market - they come in every price point, and I've used some on my brows to decent results.

Do you do your own brows? Share your tips with us!

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