Dreams are meant to be lived

Sunset. Everybody crowds along the wall of the Trocadero, waiting, waiting. Joining the crowds, we are impressed by the sheer magnitude of the steel beams as if like an erector set, the light changes and so does the view.  We start chatting with your fellow travelers and share your lives like you're best friends. We have a common goal as the light changes again, and so does the view. Then it happens, the light is perfect, and the madness of flashing cameras start. I am no longer in my dream. I am living my dream watching the Eiffel Tower become alive.

And...so it happens with watching the movie "The 100-Foot Journey." I see the main character, Hassan, an East Indian young man who waits, learns, waits, again, and finally his dream starts to unfold. As he lives his dream it changes, it evolves, he changes, and his dream evolves again. Much like life, change happens, whether you are within it or you watch it happen around you. When you are within it your dreams can come true and you live it. If you watch the change happen around you, you are like the Sun with the planets revolving around you; constant as you watch your dreams pass.

What dream or dreams have you let pass you by? It is not too late. What would it feel like to grab onto that dream? Take that chance, that 100-foot journey to live your dream. Because if you don't live your dream, who will?

Living the Dream



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