Dreams: Are they the deep wishes of our hearts, or just our imaginations gone wild?

      So, here's a blog to redirect our attention to something else. Something not about eating and food! Are you ready? Tell me what you think, okay? Promise? Okay, here goes:

      Have you ever heard the saying "A dream is a wish your heart makes"? I have, and most times I'm inclined to believe that it's true. Especially when I dream of owning a big house on a farm, wonderful holidays with my entire family, going on vacations in Europe, Rome, or France. I am definitely making BIG wishes then! Yet, if that is to be true all of the time, what about when we have nightmares? Or out of body experiences that feel so real, we believe we are actually living the life until something from reality wakes us up? Hmm..

     Have you ever heard of a Succubus? You know, the female demon that supposedly seduces men during their sleep. Of course you have, everyone has. But what about their male counterparts; the Incubus? They do pretty much the same thing that Succubi do, except they have a purpose for seducing women... they want to impregnate them. Some religions believe that repeated sex with these demons will cause deteriorating health and even death.

"Okay, Angel, that's a little creepy and weird. Why are you even telling us this stuff?" 

     It's simple. I actually think they may be real... (I can hear you laughing over there, keep it down just a little, I'm not a nut case) But really, I have had some altogether crazy if not full own erotic dreams that seem a little TOO real. So much so that when I wake up I wonder what happened to the guy that I was so irresistably in love with, couldn't keep my eyes, hands (or anything else) off of. And I look over at my husabnd thinking, "he had to have heard me, felt me, heard HIM, felt HIM, SOMETHING!" Because the encounter was extraordinary. I begin to feel ashamed because I can't imagine sharing such an experience (albeit an erotically charged one) with anyone other than my husband, and what's worse, wishing I could go back to sleep and find them!  So, I know someone who is reading this is thinking, "big deal, everyone has a fantasy sometimes, doesn't mean that is an incubus or whatever you call it". I can dig that. Really, I can!  Just explain to me how in the dreams, it's always the same lover, the same body, the same feeling, the same irresistable draw to him. Almost like he was a vampire.... (oh, did I mention I'm a TWIHARD? And a Dracula lover, and any other vampire thing you can find!) drawing me into him with no chance of escape. I'd do anything for him, go anywhere to be with him and give up all that I had to enjoy the pleasures of his smile, his warmth, his passion for me. ...... Whooo... let me take a breath.... ::inhale, exhale::.... cool off... begin again....

      Where was I? Ah, yes... To me, it has to be something supernatural.  And since it possesses such power that I can be distracted from my hubby, it has to be evil! Or, is it just that my imagination has gone wild and I am craving some mysterious lover with overwhelming affection (both physically and emotionally) towards me that I am creating this person in my dreams? Am I really wishing this could be true deep down in my heart?

Nah....!!!! It's comical to say the least. Then again, there must be something to it because I've gotten distracted enough from food to blog about it....

Well, tell me what you think... I've noticed people read my blogs (or at least end up on the page) but no one comments... am I really that boring?  ::smile::

So, weigh in.... is it a dream I'm wishing, my imagination gone wild, or an incubus come to seduce me?

Oh, BTW, I am a Christian, but I'm very open minded (as you can tell)!

Okay, okay, I'm done now

Love and Happiness, Forever and Always



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