Dreams Can Come True

    I am a dreamer. I literally stare into space, into the distance, up at the stars, if there is a thought in my head I keen in on it and I drift away. Snap, snap hey girlly come back. Oh no thank you I really rather stay here, its just the way I want it, my dreams, my life, my world. Positive thinking, fun imaginary thougts, what you want is what it will be. Keep thinking, keep dreaming, your thoughts can happen, they can be.

              Dreams can come true. Dreams can be reality. Some say reality is perception. I say percieve what you want you reality to be. Your cares turn them into positive thoughts and stop expecting the worst. Your needs be thankful for what you do have because like my late grandmother used to say, Bless her heart "If you don't have do without." Yeah a chick learned that the hard way, at least I learned. And now I have learned to speak things into existance.

              I bet you wonder how: by talking to yourself (also known as meditation) and who cares if you answer yourself back. I dislike when someone says "Just don't answer yourself back" Shut-up with that stupidness. How are you going to get to know yourself better. Didn't we all love those lyrics by Seal "...everybody gets a little bit crazy." Or you can write out your thoughts (keep a diary), or even draw or cut out pictures of the things you want (scrapbooking or collaging), watching movies that are encouraging ("Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and Timothy Hutton) you know if your in a foul mood watch something to put yourself in a good one. What can I say I'm just a big ole corn ball, but I like it. Remember anythings possible,"...So a man thinketh so shall he be..." Proverbs 23:7. Click on the link below. Feel free to copy.


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