Dreams Do Come True

You never thought the day would come when your dreams would come true. You've spent half your life wishing for things that seemed out of reach, then when they come to pass it's unsettling. Although you put your whole heart into your wish, it never dawned on you that you would ever get it. In fact, part of growing up was sharing your secret desires with the universe. But now you find yourself living your dream, it seems surreal. This changes everything you've believed in. Maybe you are deserving of your heart desires. If you are able to attain what you've always dreamed about, then maybe the universe is able to hear your whispers. Now is the time to open your arms and ask away, because all that you've ever envisioned for yourself is just a wish away.

Dreams do come true...

(Today, a friend told me that her dream of acting was closer than ever. Her tears confirmed that the universe does hear our wishes. Although we may wonder if the universe is listening, I know it waits patiently until the time is right. Like this picture, I sit alone waiting for I don't know what, but I know that a light shines upon me as I journey through life. M - congratulations on being a step closer to your dreams. They are coming true and I will be there as you begin to live the life you truly deserve. I believe in you!)



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