Dreams: A Part Of Life

Dreams can come true, no matter what age you are. Dreams are a part of life and they come straight from the heart. I believe what Mack David (1912 – 1993) wrote: “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

In fact, dreams eventually become our goals. If you work hard enough, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It’s all a state of mind. If you believe in yourself, then nothing else matters. You have to first decide if it’s worth it and then put your whole heart and soul into it.

Remember: if you don’t do your best, a job that’s half done isn’t worth the effort. It’s all up to you to make a difference in the world, whether it is large or small. Perhaps your contribution won’t be as dramatic as Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone, but still, your contribution to society is important. It’s up to you how hard you must work for your dream. Edgar A Guest said it best in his poem:


You are the one who has to decide

Whether you’ll do it or toss it aside.

You are the one who makes up your mind

Whether you’ll lead or linger behind.

Kindly or selfish, gentle or strong,

Keeping the right or taking the wrong.

Careless of honor or guarding your pride,

All these are things you must decide.

Yours the selection whatever you do,

Remember the things men call character

And testimony…it’s all up to you.

-- Edgar A Guest (1881 – 1959)


Dreams can come true. It’s up to you. A few years ago, I decided it was about time to finish something I had begun when I was young. I decided to go back to college and get a degree. It was one of the most difficult challenges I had ever come upon. Here I was, forty-eight years old, and I was going back to college. On the first day of school, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was feeling nausea from the stress, and I was wondering if I had made the right decision in my life. Was I crazy to take upon myself this feat at my age? My memory wasn’t at all like it used to be. And what were scantrons, for heaven’s sake? Computers? Oh heaven, forbid! I didn’t know one thing about computers, but to graduate I had to take a computer class. This decision was becoming bigger than I realized. I was feeling overwhelmed by it all. Then I realized that I wasn’t alone. My family supported my decision. In fact, my daughter, Diana, was going to college at the same time and encouraged me. She even asked me to take a class with her. I knew she could help me. So I said to myself, “I can do it. If I need help, I’ll just ask Diana.”

After getting through the first month, I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. The only thing I struggled with was algebra and studying for tests. I just took one day at a time, knowing that I had committed myself to this task of getting a degree. I trekked across campus as fast as I could, trying to get to class on time. The young college students were sweet and let me know they were happy to have me in class, making me feel accepted. Soon, I realized that everything was going to be okay after all.

After four long years, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree and the Outstanding Non-Traditional Student Award for the College of Performing Arts in 2002. All six of my children were at my graduation and watched me walk to get my diploma. I had tears in my eyes…and so did they. I had accomplished something that I thought I was too old to do.

A few years later I became an author. All of this happened because I believed in myself, because I worked hard, because I had a dream. I knew that if I didn’t believe in myself, then no one else would. Yes, dreams can come true if you work hard and never give up.

Each of us has something to contribute to in this world and hopefully uplift others. We can do this by educating and improving ourselves. James E. Faust said, “The Lord has a great work for each of us to do. You may wonder how this can be. You may feel that there is nothing special or superior about you or your ability…The Lord can do remarkable miracles with a person of ordinary ability who is humble, faithful, and diligent in serving the Lord and seeks to improve himself.” (James E. Faust, “On the Edge”, New Era, Feb. 1997, p. 4)

What is the secret of success? You have to believe in yourself. Have faith in your dreams and they’ll come true. That’s the secret!


Yup! That's me! I look so excited.

Written by Linda Weaver Clarke, author of sweet romances, mystery/adventure novels, and cozy mysteries. Make Believe: www.lindaweaverclarke.com


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