Dress Classy, Still Be Cheesy

I can’t get enough of the Gangnam Style craze that’s going on right now.  What?  You DON’T know what Gangnam Style is yet?  Well, come out from under your rock and learn.

Gangnam Style is a new dance craze by Korean singer and dancer, Psy.  Check it out:


As if that video wasn’t cool enough, I fell further in love with Psy when I saw him on the Ellen Degeneres show.  He came on to teach Ellen and Britney Spears how to do the Gangnam Style dance.


While the whole clip is fantastic, my favorite part was Psy’s quote, “The mindset…is dress classy and dance cheesy.”

That has become my favorite phrase this season.  My motto, my mantra, my signature.  Dress classy and do everything else cheesy.

I started my efforts yesterday when I went out to the new Katie Couric show in the city with some girlfriends.  I had gotten the tickets through the BlogHer Conference I attended back in August.  Luckily for me, I was given the opportunity to bring some friends along for the experience, too.... (continue reading)



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