Dress For Success?

After I left my job in radio marketing over a year ago (I can't believe its been that long!), I moved to a "casual" workplace.  In radio, the norm is suit-esque business attire Monday thru Friday, and some Saturdays and Sundays (still wondering why I moved on?).  In my current workplace, jeans are the norm.  We call it business casual, but the reality is that I'm wearing to work the things that I used to wear on the weekends.  Does this mean that I still wear the same things on the weekends?  No.  My weekend style has also even more casual - Stacy and Clinton would be appalled at the uber-casual "duds" I sport to grocery shop on Sunday morning.

I loved this changed and I'm not complaining about it  now.  It's nice to have the flexibility to be more comfortable at work - especially on days where I'm at a desk ALL DAY LONG!  Comfort is good.  But as I'm prepping for potential interviews and client meetings, I'm finding that it's also really nice to dress up again! 

I feel more confident when I'm dressed up - and think it makes me more productive and professional, both at work and at school!

In this picture, I feel totally confident (I'm even "hamming" it up for the camera with my Zoolander-esque face).  My point?  I'm a better employee and student when I put some effort into my attire.  I'm even more motivated to get ready for work, because looking good is fun!  Feeling good leads to increased confidence, which makes every part of my life better!  So no matter what the dress code is next week, I'm going to continue to try to "dress up" at least three days a week. 

How about you?  If you aren't in the fitness or medical fields, have you found that business attire or "dressing up" has a positive effect on your productivity and day?

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