Dress Your Age? Nine of Ten Women Don't ...

Dress my age? Hell, no!

A new survey, conducted by UK department store chain Debenhams, finds that nine out of 10 women dress younger than their age and more than half don’t intend to dress their age until their 70s.

But what, exactly, does dressing one’s age mean? Not one of my friends, in the waning days of their third, fourth or even fifth decade on this planet, made an appointment with their hair stylist for a “mom” (read, matronly) haircut. I know of no one who wears “mom jeans” or who, at some pre-ordained date thought, “Ah hell. I’m – pick a number – and I’m giving up. No more stylish clothing, cosmetics or mirrors for me.” The ageless women I know haven’t adopted a wardrobe of elastic-waist polyester pants and sensible shoes. They exercise regularly, are conscientious about eating healthy foods, take pride in their appearances and look beautiful ...

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