Dressing your Little Daughter? Try these tips

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So your little darling has been chosen to be the flower girl at a wedding? That is certainly wonderful! If there's anyone apart from the bride who can rightfully steal the show at a wedding, it's the flower girl. Even the bride herself won't mind that.

If your sweetheart has been a flower girl before, she may be aware of what she has to do. But if this is going to be her first time, you will need to talk to her about it. Of course, she will basically have to walk down the aisle. But clarify with the bride if she has something special on her mind.

Perhaps she would like your daughter to approach the altar with a string of balloons, a miniature bouquet, or a basket of flowers. The bride might also want your daughter to strew flowers along the path or maybe hold up the train of the wedding dress.

All eyes will be on your girl when she makes her grand entrance. Here are a few things related to dressing her up that you should keep in mind before the big day approaches.


As per tradition, the flower girl’s dress always has to be a replica of the bride’s. The dress may also be of just a color similar to the bride’s wedding dress with a sash in a color that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Whether the bride and her parents choose to pay for the flower girl’s dress or not is entirely their call. The bride may either specifically tell you what she wants the flower girl to wear or she may give you some specifications regarding color and fabric.

In any case, it is up to you to make sure that the flower girl’s dress is comfortable for your daughter in every way. If she isn’t used to wearing long dresses, she might trip over and fall. Also consider what fabric is used for the flower girl’s dress. If you know that a certain fabric causes rashes, don’t go for it. Choose a dress that your daughter can wear for the whole day and be at ease in. With the wide range of dresses for little girls you will find for sale, you will easily be able to pick one that is the best.


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The shoes need to be as comfortable as the dress. Don’t go for heels if your daughter has never worn them before. This probably won’t be the best time to try something new. A pair of ballet shoes or flats will be perfect.

If you are purchasing new shoes, allow your girl to break into them beforehand. This will prevent shoe bites as she will probably be wearing them the whole time on the wedding day.


If you want to try out a new hairstyle on your daughter, practice in advance so you know what looks best. The bridal party will obviously be getting their hair done professionally. It may or may not occur to the bride that your daughter needs to get her hair styled too. Many people assume that little girls look best as they are and don’t need any professional beauty treatments.

You need to decide whether you want something extraordinary for your girl or if her natural curls will look great. If you know that your daughter is not the calm and quiet kind, spending money on getting a hairstyle that she will be able to hold barely for an hour would be unwise.


Again, little girls look cute without having to go to such lengths. Applying make-up from a young age isn’t good for her health either.

However, it is going to be a special occasion and all girls love to dress up and apply make-up on big days. You can do her make-up by yourself or ask the bride if her stylist can spend a few minutes and do your daughter’s make-up too. If the bride obliges, your daughter will certainly love the attention and feel as if she is an important part of the ceremony.

Whoever does your daughter’s make-up, make sure it is subtly done. Girls under ten years of age do not need mascara. Bold colors for lipstick and eye-shadow are an absolute no-no. All your daughter needs is some blush, a nude eye-shadow, and a lipstick or plain lip gloss. Some glitter sprinkled on her hair will look wonderful too. Nail paint has to be in nude or in a very light shade. Anything dark does not look good on young girls.

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