Drew's Autism Recovery Diary

Our documented journey of recovering our son from autism. I am an advocate for natural healing, Paleo enthusiast, and a green living Momma. We have recovered our son from autism using various natural healing methods and therapies. I want to help others recover and heal their children by sharing our journey with a twist of humor and real life drama. We certainly did not see this story unfolding when we were young, debt free, and regular fast food eating addicts. After a 14 month overseas military deployment, birth of our first son, change of jobs, two moves across country, 40 plus hours of therapy per week, the consideration to hire a live in chef to prepare foods free of gluten, casein, soy, corn, nuts, eggs, sugar, yeast, and more, a telecommuting marriage, buy and sale of four new homes (each in less than a month), throwing anti-biotics and pain medications in the trash for something called homeopathy, and a full recovery from autism all within about five years... We have some stories to share! Mainly though, we want to share our son's recovery and give hope and support to the thousands of other parents who are starting where we were just a few years ago.


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