ah it is almost time to load up and head to the drive-in! what?  you do not have one in your town? seems they have gone way of the public telephone and dinosaurs! but in my lil central cali town we still have one of the few left! we love it! we load up with junk food, and tonite i am taking fresh fruit, and we will get a little ceasars pizza and bring our own drinks. making sure we have blankies and pillows and folding chairs and any other thing that might help on our adventure. we pay 15 dollars to get in and it is for a double feature! 6.50 for each adult and 2.00 for 5-11 year olds. my two girls and i will go. tonights choice of movie is Twilight saga Eclipse of course, we are after all, Twihards. favoring team Jacob slightly more. we spend about 25 dollars versus 35 to 40 at our local walk in. not too many years ago our local drive in featured 5.00 a car load specials, but that was when things in our economy were booming. still a trip to the drive-in is not only affordable it brings back a lot of cherished memories for me.

i remember as a child i saw all of the Disney features, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, Dumbo, the Herbie movies, and later as a tweener and teen the original Clash of the Titans, and slasher movies which were scarier at the drive-in of course. when we went as a family my mom would make homemade cheeseburgers that somehow tasted better watching  a drive-in feature. the drive-in even had a play area for kids.  of course there were the requisite trips to the bathroom right at the best part of the movie, and everyone arguing about  who was going to take who. the fondest memories i have are of falling asleep in the backseat and not remembering how i got into my bed the next morning as if our adventure to the drive-in was like a dream. those were the best summers. i even remember being on the roof of a friends house and just watching the movie from there. that was a good summer.

as i grew up i even made out with my girls dad at the drive-in kissing like crazy, we decided to leave the movie when we saw our coworker there, and he clumsily drove off with the speaker still attached! that memory still makes me giggle and blush! years later we did what my parents did and piled the girls in the car smuggling our treats in, sitting on our folding chairs while the warm summer breeze blew and the whistle of the santa fe train interrupted the movie for a brief moment. those were good summers.

and here it is 40 odd years later since my first trip to the drive-in and i am as excited as the first time, these are the memories my girls will recall one day when they tell their kids about the drive-in experience. i can hear them say a drive what? and my girls will say what i have felt. "it was  a place you could go for a few hours for a few dollars and sit under the summer stars, where the smell of popcorn wafted through the air, where you sat and forgot about all the bad stuff of the day and escaped into another world,  where dads tried to find just the right spot to park, where babies could be held by their moms, and kids would giggle or hide their eyes, where teenagers and others would go to make out, where you could be transported to another time and do it all sitting in your car. it was a place where some of the best memories were made! so if you have the opportunity pile in and go to the drive-in your kids will love it!


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