Driving Change

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - EE Cummings


It's natural for people to blame their boss, their spouse, their job, etc for the horrible time that they are having.  If we changed our thought process and took responsibility for our actions and our thoughts then we would be less inclined to lay blame to situations in our lives.  Positive thinking is not easy for most.  Naturally if you are going through a rough patch at work, home, or the gym; blame is the first thought that can pop into your mind.  

Let's change that thought process.  Try infusing a spin on that nasty little thought  by investigating why you feel the way you do.  This is easier said then done.  There is a good chance that you may have to admit faults and own up to your actions.  Admitting that you could do better and be a better person is the first step to your new outlook on life.  

I encourage you to record your thoughts and feelings.  By recording how you are feeling, you admit to your actions.  There they are, right in front of you, no hiding from them now!  Most people don't get to the next step because the first step is so difficult.  If you are not familiar with recording how you feel or what behaviors you want to change then you might want to start with one action/behavior and add on more once you get more comfortable with it.  Start small and work your way through the process.  There is no right or wrong way, it's your way and your thoughts.  

Once your thoughts are committed to paper, create your personal action plan.  Your action plan should include the behaviors that you want to change and how you are going to go about starting the process. Thinking, acting and doing are the three elements of change.  Once your thoughts are down on paper, get excited about your plan! You are in charge of your own self awareness, this is all you.

The next step is the exciting part; living through the changes. Now that you have your behaviors recorded, start implementing the new behaviors.  It will take a few tries, remember this is a process.  Rome wasn't built in a day but the outcome was beautiful.  Live your new behaviors and take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and behaviors.  If you find yourself slipping back into your old behaviors, stop and get back on pointe.  You will know when you've fallen off track.  Pull it together, talk positively to yourself and get going again in the right direction. Once you have some experience with recording your thoughts and practicing living through the changes, the process will become more natural.  Don't forget to go back to your original recordings and add notes about the change process.  Record how you felt along the way, what worked for you and what didn't.  It's also important to record how you felt once you accomplished the desired outcome.  Celebrate the success of your new behavior with some positive self talk and pride yourself in what you've just completed.

Sometimes we have to drive a few miles out of the way to get to the final destination but along the drive we see some incredible sights.  Enjoy the drive to your final destination, there will be rest stops along the way but once you arrive, the trip will be worth it.



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