Drugstore Games This Weekend

I was talking to Home Reared Chef about getting started with couponing and I told her I'd show her what I was planning to buy at the drugstores this weekend. (I always recommend you start out couponing at a drugstore because it's easy to be successful and easy to get the hang of couponing quickly.) So here's my process.

1) I went to Southern Savers and clicked the CVS and the Walgreens buttons on her blog. (I do not have a Rite-Aid in my area or I'd have clicked that one, too.) Then I open the posts for the 9/18-9/24 deals.

2) I'm looking for the little acorns next to some items, that's a sign that this is a super good stockpiling price. If I use/need these items and I have the coupons for the matchups, I'll always plan to buy these. If I don't need this item or I don't have the coupons to make the deal work -- I skip it.

3) I go through the rest of the list, looking for things my family uses/needs + things I have the coupons for (or can print the coupons for) and if it looks like the deal will work for me -- I check those items off.

4) I scroll down and click Create My List. A new window will popup and I can print that list. (I always check include coupon match-ups because I use this list to pull my coupons for the trip and it's easy to look at the list and know where the coupons are...) Tip: You can use the little arrows on the list to change the order of the list around a bit. Do this to save paper if your list with matchups is long.

5) After I've printed the list, I go through again and click any "print" links for coupons I haven't printed and need. I take those freshly printed coupons and my lists and go through the rest of my coupons looking for the others that I will need in order to do these deals.

6) When I'm done, the list and the coupons for that trip go in a small envelope (or a small plastic avery folder thingy that TW got at BlogHer 11) and that's all I need for my trip on Sunday.

7) When I'm going through my list, I might realize I don't have the coupons to make these deals - so I'll scratch those items off of my list.

Here's what my trips should look like on Sunday - they're small because I don't need anything and the deals aren't that spectacular:

- Hylands Cough n Cold (I may do two of these since I have RRs to burn. TW will do 1 transaction and I'll do another)
- Blistex Lip Balm Cold & Allergy (We might do two of these for the same reason.)
- Brach's Autumn Candy (We'll do two of these, again - for the same reason...)

- Gold Emblem Candy Corn
- Mars or Wrigley's Fun Size (getting ready for Halloween with free candy.)
- Revlon Super Lustrous, Moon Drops or ColorBurst Lip
- 2 Mucinex Fast-Max. (I'm not sure I have the coupons for this but it's one of the few cold meds I can take so I might still do this deal, since I've got $30 in ECBs from last week.)
- Carmex Healing Cream or Lotion
- Secret Clinical Strength (Not the best deal but I have a free coupon that will expire soon, so this will earn me $1 in ECB and it's the only deodorant the youngest child can use.)

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