Drunk on Pumpkin?

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This is a really big stretch for me... really big. Alanna teases me about all of the foods that I won't eat(and rightfully so - the teasing and the me not eating) but you can all tease me about the fact that I don't drink alcohol. Yuk.

But, I know that some of you do and this post is for y'all.

Pumpkin Ale Cap

Have you tried Great Pumpkin Ale? Or how about Badger Pumpkin Ale, look at that cute jack-o-lantern bottle cap!) Here's a post full of pumpkin ale reviews.

Errr, pumpkin wine, anyone?

Pumpkin martinis seem very popular with bloggers - Slashfood, CafeMom and The Baking Bird have 'em.

I can't actually find a recipe for a pumpkin daiquiri but I found mention of one on a message board.

My best idea so far is a pumpkin pie daiquiri make with spiced rum and topped with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs.

This pumpkin pie drink with Malibu and Kahlua might be better though...

What do you think, any of this sound good to you?

Flamingo House Happenings

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