Mommy's Law Strikes Again

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Getting sick the day before vacation (which happened last month, by the way), sitting for four hours in an ER because your daughter is throwing up profusely only to have her acting fine by the time she is actually seen by the doctor (last winter), getting her excited to go to the park only for it to start raining out of nowhere half way there (two days ago). Kicking some toy on the ground in the nursery as you are walking out and waking her up (two nights ago). Peeking into the living room at your naked daughter throwing her diaper across the room while peeing at the same time (at least once a week). And yes I have tried everything to keep her clothes and diaper on, all of which the little Houdini figures out within a week. Getting all the laundry done only to find three socks your partner ever so nicely left next to the couch (all the time). The list is endless.

I don't really know how to deal with Mommy's Law. I'm still relatively new at this whole game. But I do look at the situations and laugh the best I can. What else can you do? I've come to the conclusion that God has a sense of humor, and likes to have a good laugh every now and again. And if your home is anything like mine, we give him (or her) plenty of opportunities.

Thank You for reading. I hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure to let me know any examples of Mommy's Law you might have experienced!


Brit Staton- MommytoMommies


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