Dumb and Dumber and DUMBEST

The following is a  conversation held in a Borders Bookstore in Hollywood, California. 

CUSTOMER: (girl, late 20's):  Can you help me?  I'm looking for this book written by Oprah.

EMPLOYEE:  Umm, I don't think Oprah ever wrote a book.
CUSTOMER: Yes, she did.
EMPLOYEE: Really? Did you know what the title is? 
CUSTOMER:  The first word is a girl's name. I think it starts with an A".  It's about a girl and this guy.  It's a romance novel.

EMPLOYEE:  An "A"...hmmm. Are you sure it's not by Danielle Steele or maybe Barbara Taylor Bradford?

CUSTOMER: No. Oprah did her whole show on it. 

EMPLOYEE: It begins with an "A"? 

CUSTOMER: Yeah, like Ann or something...
EMPLOYEE:  Anna Karenina? 
CUSTOMER:  Yeah, that's it!
EMPLOYEE:  But Oprah didn't write that. 
CUSTOMER:  (offended) Yes, she did. 
Myself and the other three customers in the area stand around, mouths agape, heads shaking, me praying this gal won't run for president in 2012. 


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