Dumpster Diving

I am back.  I took a few days off from posting and I feel much better.  Trying to post every day and live my life at this moment is taxing.  I also apologize for not visiting my friend blogs and commenting.  I promise I'll be there shortly.  I've just had a hard time focusing my mind on anything I read and want to give everyone my full attention.  Now on to the topic of this post...


Dumpster Diving...just look what The Hubby found while throwing our trash in the dumpster as we were leaving the cabin.  He usually peers in with Clayton because sometimes there will be ferrel cats or possums sleeping and Clayton loves to see them.  This is what he found.  It is from a celebratory cake of some kind as the back says something about a bakery.  I just HAD to have it.  Don't you agree. 

The weekend was chilly and called for fires in the fireplace and it was so dreary.  What happened to our spring.  Harri and I went to town on Saturday to get some stuff for Saturday evenings steak dinners at T&P's cabin and while pushing the shopping cart around Walmart I came upon peony tubers and day lilies.  I've been wanting to plant some but just could not remember to get them so perfect timing.  I hope they survive as I immediately put them in the ground when we got home with The Hubby's assistance.  We also decided that I am going to get some more clematis plants.  The ones we have are just loaded with buds and we have enough room for more.  Slowly but surely our little cottage garden should be beautiful.  Toodles all and I will be around soon. 


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