NieNie from the NieNie Dialogues wants to know how you help your children make sense of the world around them.

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This week we welcome NieNie from The NieNie Dialogues who shares how she uses shapes and colors to help her children make sense of the world around them.

My favorite time of the year is here.  Autumn.  I love it on so many levels, but mostly because it means color.  The autumn season has every color to generate the beauty of the world.

My children and I so enjoy fall walks and hikes in the scenic foothills and canyons of our quaint city in Utah. 

Jane collects every color of leaf and Oliver comments on the different shapes that hang on to the branches. 

Claire picks the beautiful amethyst grapes that drape our fence and Nicholas asks me if he can eat the red berries near the grapes.

(No he can’t they are crabapples and are not to be eaten).

To the children, colors are still beautiful and exciting.  My girls are attracted to anything that sparkles and is pink, red or purple.

Shapes are mysterious and my children try to determine every thing in their world by a shape.  Stop signs are not just stop signs, they are octagons.  Clouds appear to the in the forms of ice cream cones and dragons.

Do we see what they see? 

We have so much to offer our children once we apply what we have been given-our world.

How do you help your children make sense of the world through colors and shapes?


Stephanie Nielson, from The NieNie Dialogues and CuisineNie. She happily blogs from Utah about life with her four kids, Claire, Jane, Nicholas and Oliver.

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