BlogHer mom NieNie from the NieNie Dialogues discusses children's identities in this weeks Duplo Mom Expert Q&A.

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This week we welcome NieNie from The NieNie Dialogues.

Claire is quite and reserved.  Jane is boisterous and cheerful. Oliver is intense and calm while Nicholas is demanding and loveable.

These are my children. 

These are their rolls in our family. 

With each child comes a different uniqueness.   I often wonder if they know they are different from each other.  I know Claire knows Jane hates mustard and that Nicholas hates socks and will only wear shorts.

In our family, personal identity is a gift.  It is what we are.  Christian is really good at helping try and emphasizes our children’s distinctiveness by taking them out on their own personal dates. 

Claire gets to ride on the back of his motorcycle to visit a beautiful spot in which she loves in our city.

Jane goes with Christian on a bike ride and then they get to visit the ice cream shop down the street.

Oliver and Christian go hiking with pretend guns and cowboy boots.

And Nicholas gets to play with LEGO® with Christian until his hearts content.  (Usually Christian ends up playing with them longer than Nic).

The children come home with an enhanced understanding of their identity not only in our family, but what they have to offer the world. We encourage and support them with whatever they choose to become.

How do the children understand their own identity in your family?


Stephanie Nielson, from The NieNie Dialogues and CuisineNie. She happily blogs from Utah about life with her four kids, Claire, Jane, Nicholas and Oliver.

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