BlogHer Mom Expert NieNie from the NieNie Dialogues wants to know how you can share your creativity with your children.

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This week we welcome NieNie from The NieNie Dialogues.

Helping my children have the desire to discover their creative juices has been one of the best parts of motherhood.  I love when they play pretend or create something that they feel is so wonderful.  I love when they use different colors and textures or sights, smells, and sounds to enhance their imagination.

I think having creative props around the house will help stimulate children to play and imagine.  They will use their own little creative minds to learn and play.  I have a basket full of dress-ups.  Most I have bought at second hand stores.  I also have a basket full of pretend food and other fun games for them to use and explore whenever and however.  No limits, no rules.

I believe children learn and sharpen their own creative and imaginative minds by being active with you, the parent.  I remember going with my mom grocery shopping and I enjoyed it so much because I loved the way the checker scanned items and pushed buttons on the register. 

My girls love to pretend to cook because they have watched me in action. Copying the way I roll dough or cut up our toast in little squares.

How can we dive into our own creative gifts and share them with our own children?


Stephanie Nielson, from The NieNie Dialogues and CuisineNie. She happily blogs from Utah about life with her four kids, Claire, Jane, Nicholas and Oliver.

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