Dutch sausage rolls



Who doesn't love sausage rolls? Whether you call them pigs in a blanket, sausage bread or pasty, they're a sure hit at every party. You can make the fanciest snacks, but in the end, nothing beats a spiced sausage wrapped in tasty dough. I'll admit, it's not really a culinary highlight but imagine how you'll be everyone's favorite when you arrive with a big bowl of these little ones!
Not to mention how happy you'll make yourself, because surely you need to taste a few before serving them, right?

In the Netherlands, these kind of sausage rolls are a southern specialty (and guess where I'm from!). There' s even a yearly competition for the best sausage roll and the winner can be sure to see a lot of extra customers in his bakery. Making a god sausage roll is considered quite an art!

In my family they're typically eaten during Carnival, which is also a southern thing. But unlike Carnival (of which the attraction stays a mystery for must of my northern countrymen), these rolls are loved by everyone.
Originally a sausage roll is about 15 cm long, but this recipe is for mini sausage rolls because they make an easier snack at parties. If you follow the recipe you can make about 35 mini sausage rolls, or 10 normal sized ones.

Find the recipe on Eva in the Kitchen




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