Duties of a Party Co-Host...Essentials

Co host, co captain, co capiTAN, partner in chief… whatever you may call this person, can definitely help you to make your event go smoothly, and wonderfully, by being your right hand helper throughout the entertaining process. In my  household, my husband happens to be my right hand man.  He has actually become quite attuned to not only anticipating my hosting needs, but  he has also has crafted a co hosting routine of his own. And most of them follow. Others, such as making me a cocktail to sip on, he does for extra credit, or to simmer me down a bit—I’m not quite sure.



The co captain, or co-host can do simple tasks before the guests come that sure, may be simple, but are super important.  They can help you to clean up any little last minute messes, such as taking out the garbage, sweeping the front porch, or fluffing up the pillows.  Lighting candles is a big responsibility in my household, as I have so many of them, and know exactly which to light for what effect and when.  Arm your cohost with a torch and direct him or her to light the candles.  Don’t forget to light a candle in the bathroom!  A last minute alcohol and alcohol paraphernalia (by this I mean olives/cherries/lemons/limes for the drinks) check is also a good thing to do before guests arrive (but not too close to their anticipated arrival).



When guests arrive, your co-host should be close at hand to help you welcome guests.  This person can also help you take guests’ coats and hang them in the closet, or put them wherever you put them.  (Not the floor).  You may have your hands full in preparing some last minute appetizers, so this greeting responsibility is essential!  All of the loyal MH followers know that upon your guests’ arrival, one of the first things that you will do will be to offer your guests a drink.  If your co-host is a man, he can take care of the drinks for the men, and you can do so for the ladies—I am a traditionalist in this sense.   However, my husband ALWAYS makes the martinis—he’s got it down to a science.



Ahh yes, the main event!  This is the fun part.  Both host and co host need to continue to replenish drinks, and restock bar garnishes.  You and your co-host will also be busy mingling with guests; one of your prime responsibilities!  Meet in a spare room of the house every 30 minutes to debrief. Just kidding about that part.  But, it is important to update each other on how you think the event is going—perhaps you need to kick it up a notch by ____________, or change the music because people are falling asleep, or maybe you need to tell each other to not ask Bob about __________.  This reminded me. Another name for your co host can be partner in crime. Perfect.



Your guests will need their coats back when they are prepared to leave, so your co-host can help you to gather the guest coats, and bid them farewell at the door.

When all of your guests have left, I hope that your co-host will help you to clean up!  If it’s late, and you’re both too tired to do any major cleaning, just do the essentials:  cover and refrigerate leftover food, and take out the trash so your house doesn’t smell like stale beer the next morning. Eww.


Lastly, be sure to thank your co host for helping you to host a fabulous event, for tolerating your explicit instructions (or bossiness), absorbing your intuitive glances, (or sideways glares), and offering advice (or validating your own opinions).

Cheers to the co-hosts! What are other good co hosting duties you’ve delegated?

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