Last Minute Movie Gift Guide: 2010's Best Picks on Discs

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Nothing good ever becomes of being a holiday overachiever. Those people who plan picturesque European Christmas trips leaving in a swirling, exhausted chaos only to find they have abandoned their only son Home Alone?  You don't want to be that mom.  Or those dads who go overboard, filling a bag with gifts and climbing up on the roof in a Santa suit only to slip thereby traumatically ruining Christmas forever whether Gremlins are present or not? You don't want to be that guy.

You want to be the gift-giver who effortlessly procures just the right au currant gift. You want a gift that adds a little sweetness to someone's life without taking a bite out of your own, so you want it to be available at many stores or via overnight shipping.  What I'm saying is you want to give 2010's best DVD/Blu-ray releases to your loved ones this holiday season.

What an excellent choice!  New media is especially welcome during winter vacation days, on holiday flights or while trying to entertain permanently ensconced house guests.  Here's a short list of some of the coolest releases from last year to make your shopping that much easier, or to tuck away as a little gift to yourself should the next few weeks give you cause for escape.

ZombielandZombieland is my 2010 Scarface. I have seen this dark comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg more times that I can count because it's so freaking entertaining in whole or scene-by-scene. You can keep it rolling in the background while you do household tasks like folding laundry or bore-snaking your rifle barrels in preparation for the impending viral apocalypse.  Pair Zombieland with a pallet of Twinkies to take your gift to the next level.

We Live in Public is the most talked about documentary this year, and I highly recommend it. This immersion into the word of Josh Harris, the Warhol of the Internet, will be fascinating to a friend who digs the juicy intersection of new media, Internet start-ups, social media, reality television, privacy and performance art.  So maybe just get this for yourself.  Awesome paired with a webcam and shotgun mike.

Toy Story Trilogy -- Pixar hit it out of the part with Toy Story 3, so the DVD or the specially-boxed trilogy set are top gifts this year. Add a Mr. Potato Head... and also a box of tissues for anyone who hasn't seen the end of the series yet.  Trust me.

Fantasia is out of the Disney vault until March 2011. The 4-Disc combo pack includes a Blu-ray and a DVD of a completely restored Fantasia paired with Fantasia 2000Bonus features include the Disney/Dalí short Destino.  Years ago when my son was young he was captivated by Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia and would put socks on his hands so that he could approximate the magic with his own outstretched arms, so I'm planning to give him the restored version with a 6-pack of fresh ones.

The Complete Metropolis marks the triumphant restoration of newly discovered scenes from the 1927 dystopic classic that is a must-have for film geeks, historians and sociologists alike. You may want to package it with a small hammer to aid in dismantling the machine. 

The Pacific captures the stories of three Marines serving in the war against Japan. HBO's 10-part series was nominated for 23 Emmys, and The Pacific and companion series Band of Brothers is expected to hold up well over time. 

The Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Complete Collection is a great choice for anyone who was captivated by Betty White's charms this year, so that pretty much means everyone. All 180 episodes are in one place for the first time, packaged in a Sophia-style purse, so all you have to add is a note saying, "Thank You for Being A Friend."

Spartacus: Blood and Sand's first season of this Starz series is out on DVD, and it is something else. Lucy Lawless, ancient Roman gladiators, foxy togas, epic battles and enough sex, violence (it does say "blood" in the title) and naked torsos to rate an Mature Audiences rating?  Yes, please! You might want to take my lead on this and give the first season of Spartacus to a wicked ab-fab friend who is going to invite you over for Spartacus Toga Party Night. 

If Spartacus isn't the right gift but you like the idea of current TV discs, you might want to consider recent series of shows that have hit their stride in 2010 so that your friend is caught up and ready to jump in to new seasons next year. Showtime's brilliant Nurse Jackie season 1 is out, and season 2 will be released in February.  Couple it with a stocking stuffed with Judy Garland Trail Mix if you are so inclined. The Good Wife has proved to be tremendous television, so catching up on the first season is a great investment, and turning a friend on to a great show is a gift that keeps on giving.
If you'd rather wrap Jon Hamm in a ribbon this year you might have to wait: Mad Men season 4 isn't out yet.  Though you could pre-order it to enable the sick and twisted love of  your beloved Don Draper devotee.  In other words, me.  I want to own this series if only to have the episode "The Suitcase" because it contains one of the best televised conflicts of all times ( "Don Lectures Peggy").  Print out the pre-order confirmation and use it to wrap mid-century highballs glasses.

Have you found other gift ideas in the DVD aisle to pass on?  Favorites from this year? Stumped with a hard-to-shop-for friend?  Comment here and maybe we can help.

Contributing Editor Deb Rox has been very, very, very nice this year. Did you hear that, Santa? Very, very nice.


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