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Five top  humor bloggers: Jessica from Bernthis.typepad.com, Wendi from Wendi-aarons.blogspot.com, Kelcey from mamabirddiaries.com. anna from lifejustkeepsgettingweirder.blogspot.com  and Christy from christythewriter.com will share with you their secrets on how to keep it funny and real and still post several times a week.

Many people have no idea what goes behind creating something humorous.  As it says in the title, dying is easy, comedy is hard.  This would be an excellent forum where humor bloggers and those who have a funny bone but have been afraid to let us see it, can learn to put their comedic skills to work.  How you say it, where you say it and if you should say it are just a few of the many questions these humor bloggers can answer for you.  This is a safe place to let us help you find your "voice".