A Dysmorphic View of Success

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When you look around at your colleagues oftentimes you can frankly just feel like a slacker. Of course that sort of comparison only leads to a race in which everyone loses. So, how can you stop feeling "less than" no matter how much you accomplish? Learn how one successful entrepreneur and author breaks the cycle of "not enough".

As we talked, both of us were bemoaning our productivity. And noting our peers (like our dear buddy Jonathan Fields) who seem to have no problem cranking out tens of thousands of words a month, while meditating every morning, feeding their kids handmade pasta while helping with homework, making money in their sleep and undoubtedly performing back flips in bed.

My fellow author sister in arms and all-around great human being Gretchen Rubin had her Happiness Project featured on Jeopardy, for goodness sakes.

We were feeling like slackers.

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