E and Me, Part I

“What have you done that’s so awful then?”

“I just don’t think I fit into the life you should have.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, thank you. Do you want someone to love you?”


“And you love me?”


“And you know I love you?”


“Then you fit into this life. And what’s the problem?” My contacts
have gotten all blotchy from crying and I pretty much can’t see at this
point. “I don’t WANT to get married right now, so why is this even an
issue? Is it because you can’t give me the things you THINK I want and
deserve or because you just don’t love me enough?”

Silence. I almost drive off the road in frustration. He stares out the window.


Read all of Parts I, II and III at http://redstaplernation.wordpress.com


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