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E-mail is one of the most important aspects of being a blogger. It’s how you reach out to others, get contacted for potential collaborations and how you respond to feedback. Your e-mail address should be one of the main forms of communication between you and your readers, so it’s important to make the most out of it. You don’t have to follow all of these or agree with me, but these are my tips for e-mailing as a blogger.

  • Make sure your e-mail address and contact information are easy to find. Don’t bury it at the bottom of the page or hide it in the middle of your “About me” without any underlining or bolding. I suggest putting it on your navigation menu at the top of your page before the content AND on your sidebar as a social media icon, a text link, under a “contact” header or something similar.
  • Make a separate email address for your blog. When I registered my hosting service I got a free e-mail account (Rachel@lifeunsweetened.com) so I took advantage of that. I have it forwarded to my Gmail so its easier to read( I didn't like the email clients my host used). This looks better to brands and readers and separates your personal life and emails from the blog ones.
  • In regards to making a separate email address, steer away from Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or other similar services. Make a Gmail account of your blog name or take advantage of your host’s email service if you have one (since you’re already paying for it!) A lot of brands, companies and people in general associate those websites with spam and can come off as unprofessional (I didn't make the rules, but a lot of people feel this way).
  • Always fill out your email when leaving comments. This way, if I need to respond to a question you asked in your comment, I can. The same goes for any commenting profiles you use (Disqus, Commentluv,your Google account for blogger blogs, etc). Always include a way for people to contact you, or you’ll miss out on so much. Don't be a no-reply blogger!
  • Include a nice signature at the bottom of your emails with your name, blog name and URL. Keep your professional signature and blogger signature separate. I get so many emails regarding my blog that a signature is what helps me remember you and put a face to your name.

What are your email tips for bloggers?


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