Ear Piercing for Children – Questions and Answers

The old saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” may be outdated, but there’s no denying that little girl’s love jewelry. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that we have now started carrying earrings and offering ear piercing at Cozy’s. Ear piercing for children and ear piercings for babies can be controversial. Naturally, we’ve been flooded with questions about it, from the best age to pierce your child’s ears, to how to care for those newly pierced ears.

So, if you’re considering letting your little fashionista get her ears pierced, here are some common questions about the process and my answers:

Q: What is the best age to pierce my daughter’s ears? Is ear piercing safe for babies?
A: There is no right answer to this question. Various religious, cultural, and personal traditions and preferences often dictate if and when to pierce a child’s ears and some cultures routinely pierce babies’ ears while still infants. Most doctors will agree, though, that piercing should happen after a baby has had his or her first few rounds of immunization, in spite of the fact that there doesn’t appear to be medical evidence to suggest anything dangerous about infant ear piercing. In my experience, it seems that aside from cultural or religious reasons, one should pierce baby’s ears either while they are very young, so that they can’t pull earrings out, or later at an age when they are old enough to understand how to take care of newly pierced ears.

Q: Which kind of metal should be daughter’s earrings be?
A: I recommend gold (white or regular gold) for two reasons. 1. Many training studs contain nickel, which has been know to cause allergic reactions, but 14K gold is your best bet to avoid this. 2. Six weeks after piercing when the studs come out, her earrings should be gold, you may as well start with the gold.

Q: Can she still go swimming and play sports right after?
A: If your daughter plays sports, ask the coach before you pierce to make sure she won’t have to remove her earrings to play. The training studs should not be removed within the first four to six weeks after piercing. If the earrings are removed, there is a chance that the holes will close. As far as swimming is concerned, chlorine as well as un-chlorinated water can irritate newly pierced ears. I recommend waiting two to three weeks after piercing to swim, so make sure you plan camp and any family vacations accordingly.

Q: Where should I get it done?
A: Where you take your child to have their ears pierced is entirely up to you. For infant piercing, you may want to have it done at your pediatrician’s office. Many jewelry and department stores offer ear piercing, and can be perfectly safe options. Make sure you do your research – look for a clean environment and experienced piercers, and ask family and friends for recommendations. At Cozy’s my staff is fully trained and very experienced working with children. We know how to do it safely and make kids feel comfortable.

Q: How much does ear piercing cost?
A: The cost entirely depends on where you have the piercing done. Professional piercing and tattoo shops will charge upwards of $30 to have it done, plus the cost of the jewelry. At Cozy’s, ear piercing is FREE when you buy earrings!

Q: It’s been years since I’ve had my ears pierced, what is the after-care like?
A: Glad you asked! Proper care after ear piercing is essential to keep away infection and proper healing. If your child is at an age where she is able to take care of her own newly pierced lobes, go over the following instructions with her and make sure she understands the importance of cleaning piercings.

Got questions? Stop into the salon and ask one of our trained ear piercers yourself. And don’t forget to check out our wonderful selection of earrings!


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