Ear Piercing Update!

forgot to tell you what happened with my earring. I hadn't looked at them at all since I got them pierced on Friday so I went to look at them in the mirror and they had some discharge and "crusties." I got a Q-Tip and the saline wound wash they told me to buy and was gently cleaning around the wound when all of a sudden the little bead that was on the hoop came off! Here's a reminder of what it looks like:


I freaked out because when it popped off I could see that the earring wasn't a solid circle it was a "U" shape. I thought the little bead was decorative, but no, I think it was on there to keep the earring from coming out. So I got down with a flashlight and searched for the teeny, tiny little bead in the carpet and picked it up and soaked for maybe 10 seconds in 91% Isopropyl alcohol. I didn't want to do it any longer, because I didn't know if it would melt or deform the bead. I spent 15 minutes messing with the earring to get the bead back on, dropping it on the floor, soaking it again, dropping it, soaking it, until I finally got it back on. It is only barely on one end so you can still see the other uncovered end of the earring. I am going to call tomorrow to see if they can put a new one on or if it even matters. I'm just scared that I messed with it for too long and that it is going to get irritated and infected. It doesn't look red or anything today, so I'm hoping I didn't mess it up to bad.  That's all for today! Maybe leave a comment and get me motivated or tell me your story of weight loss, anything besides not coming back because I grossed you out. Ha-ha. Thanks for reading.


*Update 2: 5 months later and my ears are perfect! I'm able to change out earrings to cute different ones and I even was able to wear pierced earrings at my wedding! I'm so happy! Knock on wood that it continues this way for a long tme.



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