Early Morning Swim

I woke up a zillion times last night concerned that I might oversleep.  Finally, at 5:25, I just got out of bed and got ready for the pool.  It was good to be back in the pool.  I swam just over 3/4 of a mile and reflected back to last year when I first went in the pool.  Back then I didn't like it at all.  It's boring going back and forth and there's all these little things like water in your ears and foggy goggles that get in the way.  As well, I can't lose myself in thoughts while also counting my laps.  Those same glitches still occur, but now I don't mind them so much.  There's a nice feeling that comes with stretching my body and feeling long and strong along my sides.  I like that I feel drained the days I swim and recognize that it's a harder workout than it feels in the moment.  I like that it gives my knees a break and I like that I'm breathing in moister air than at the gym or outside.

I'm planning to go again Monday and hopefully Monday, I'll complete the full mile within the fifty minutes I'm there.

Last night my husband and I had our date night.  We had a few beers.  We ate some chicken wings, shared a Reuben and also shared a sushi roll.  Doesn't sound so bad does it?  Well, today I looked up the calories and those chicken wings are like crazy high in calories.  I still think maybe I need to google some more to see if it's true, but as of right now, my barbecue chicken wings added up to almost 1000 calories.  It must be wrong - right?  And if not, then I've learned a pretty good lesson.

Today, I'm back to the regular foods with plans to make a stirfry lunch before three and only a small dinner sometime before six.  I spent the morning outside in the minus zero (fahrenheit) temperatures and enjoyed being outside, but now have a sore throat.  I hope it's just an adjustment from the cold and not some impending cold.

And that's that.  On to a busy work weekend.


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