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green heartSo every year, on Earth Day, you think: This year, I'll do -- something! Then the day's festivities end and all the hoopla around it disappears -- along with your resolution to do -- something.

It's not all your fault. I've noticed something curious about Earth Day-related efforts to get people to make a change. Most of these efforts begin way BEFORE Earth Day -- a choice that I think tends to attract longer-time enviros who are already thinking about Earth Day. Meanwhile, newbies and procrastinators who were actually inspired to live green ON Earth Day miss their chance.

Wanted to try out No Impact Experiment? Too bad the last session started April 18, four days before Earth Day. Just heard about Your Daily Thread's month long Going Green Boot Camp? Unfortunately, that one started April 5 and is almost over. Thought you'd like to join an eco-book club after Earth Day? Grist's kick-off chat for its green reading group happened like a month ago, slowpoke.

So you're shit out of luck, and need to plan better for last year. Goodbye, polluter.

Just kidding! As I wrote about in my last Earth Day post, environmentalists like to celebrate Earth Day every day. That means even if you missed some of those collective "go green for Earth Day" challenges, many ore are happening right around the corner.

So -- Procrastinate no further. Sign up for one of these great, post-Earth Day green challenges -- and this year, you can say really DID do -- something:

>> For booklovers: Grist's book club's done reading its first green book -- but a new book's on the schedule for next month! Get a copy of Anna Lappé's Diet for a Hot Planet -- and start reading, since discussions -- headed up by Grist's red-haired eco-advice woman Umbra -- begin May 11.

>> For collectors: Fake Plastic Fish's Show Us Your Plastic Trash challenge is simple. Just collect your plastic waste -- for at least a week. Organized by fellow Blogher contributing editor Beth Terry, this challenge can be begun on any day you find convenient -- though if you'd like your work to be part of an exhibit at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco this June, you better start not taking out the trash right now.

>> For carbon cleansers: The No Impact Experiment, luckily, is an ongoing experiment. Though you missed April's week-long carbon cleanse, a new experiment week kicks off every few months. Simply sign up on the No Impact Project website to find out when the next week will happen. There's even an iPhone app for mobile environmentalists!

>> For eco-vacation seekers: Sierra Club's Earth Day pledge invites you to make a simple green pledge -- but one that'll last for the rest of the year, and hopefully 2011 and beyond too. All you have to do is promise to do one of 5 things -- BYO bag to the supermarket, cook local and organic, plant a tree, take a car-free trip, or get politically engaged about eco-isues. For your pledge, you'll be entered into a sweepstakes for a trip for two to an earth-friendly resort in Hawaii.

Feeling motivated? Do four of those five things in one go. Grab your reusable bag and bike over to the farmers' market, then send a quick email to your elected officials asking for a plastic ban or tax in your town while nibbling on local strawberries ...

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