Earth Promise: Celebrating Just Got A Little Bit Greener

CELEBRATEGREEN_Cvr.inddMy friends and family often tell me I come up with great green ideas for my girls’ birthday parties and annual Thanksgiving feast.   I have either emailed the birthday invitations or printed them on recycled paper; I present plants for the kids to bring home in place of plastic bags filled with even more plastic useless plastic trinkets; the place-cards are hand-made by my girls; I rarely use paper products to dine with; and I even have recycling bins available for the guests to use.  To me, these are just simple, everyday common sense ideas.  Thanks for the pat on the back, everyone, but a real big thank you should go the mother and daughter team who wrote, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, published in October 2008. Co-authors, Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson, really have some eco-innovative party ideas. 

“Celebrate Green! offers tips, strategies and ideas for creating celebrations with more meaning and less negative impact on people and the Earth. Whether planning a wedding, a Thanksgiving feast, an Easter egg hunt or any of dozens of other celebrations, this book is a font of creative, engaging activities and memory-builders for the entire family. From food, to decor, to gifts for people in every stage of life, you’ll be astonished by the easy, inexpensive and even free ways to make every occasion eco-friendly and fun.”

Not only is this mom and daughter green team accomplished authors, but they do speaking and consulting engagements; they are guest bloggers on various sites (KIWI magazine, Green for Good, Best Eco Stuff, to name a few) and have their own user friendly website, Celebrate Green and blog.  Of course, the Celebrate Green site offers detailed information about their book, but Lynn and Corey also present a hefty listing of eco-savvy celebration ideas to choose from.  I happened to click on Family Reunion  to see what unique idea they recommended. 

“The number of eco-friendly hotels and resorts is growing, but by far the best option if you wish to leave the smallest footprint for your gala family gathering, is likely to be camping in any U.S. national park, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have one close by the majority of participants.”

Lynn and Corey, then,  provide a select list of environmenatly friendly locations for your reunions.

The Celebrate Green blog offers snippets of green information from How to grow “living grass” for an Easter basket  to just keeping it’s visitors up to date on what’s going on in their lives.  At Earth Promise, we find the Celebrate Green blog an excellent green and environmentally friendly resource, so we’ve added it to our blogroll!

Lynn and Corey show us how easy it can be to make small changes.  Their passion is real. Without being preachy, Lynn and Corey offer truly surprising ways to celebrate a little bit greener.  From the eco-neophyte to hard-core greenie, the Celebrate Green book and site are a true find. 

After visiting Celebrate Green, come back to Earth Promise  to create more promises to take better care of the environment.


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