Earth Promise: Young Green Philanthropists

allwedoWhat do kids really need these days when it comes to giving and receiving birthday gifts? A few years ago, after being overwhelmed with all the birthday party chaos (plastic party favors, overflow of paper products, receiving of unnecessary gifts; and returning of gifts) together my daughter and I decided to ask family and her friends  to give the money they would normally use to buy a gift and donate it to the local Humane Society.  It was a hit! My daughter went to the Humane Society with a hefty amount. They presented her with an award which she cherishes.  

The more we flood our kids with positive messages about charitable giving, the more likely they will take on a philanthropic attitude. We want to encourage children to grow into the kind of adults that will someday make a difference in the world. 

Two Canadian moms took this benevolent concept “where children celebrate giving”  and combined it with a bit of green—and Echoage was born.  Echoage allows children the hands-on opportunity to do something for the planet, their peers and even their parents!  This eco-charity gift giving site works in 6 easy steps:
1. Choose an invitation–eco-friendly alternatives to cards and envelopes
2. Choose a cause—a variety of USA and Canadian charities (i.e. Free the Children  and Indigo Love of Reading
3. Email invitations
4. Echoage Tracker–provides you with everything you need to keep your party organized, safe and fun.
5. Echoage Awards–Acknowledgement of a job well done can inspire your child and build confidence to do even more in life. Simply print your child’s award and post it on your front door for all to see.
6. E-mail thank you’s–Say yes to saving trees, money and time by sending a thoughtful ECHOage Thank You notes to all your guests


Echoage teaches children that there is more to birthdays than receiving.  It is important to teach children strategies to be thankful and express it.  Since the childhood years are the most formative, the importance of charitable giving can be a great family tradition.  What and how we teach our children will have a tremendous impact on their future.
Make giving a life-long habit that can be made into a fabulous Earth Promise.