Eight Evil #Earworms: Click At Your Own Risk and Pass Them On

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The internet is a very dangerous place. You're just wandering around, minding your own business, trying to get some work done, and -- BAM!

Someone tweets a link, you click, and OMG! #Earworm!

Someone sends a Pandora or Live FM or Spotify playlist to Facebook, it hits your newsfeed, and OMG! #Earworm!

You're reading blogs in your feed reader, and someone quotes song lyrics, and OMG! #Earworm!

You're yammering with co-workers and someone starts "singing." Oh, holy heck! #Earworm!

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Here are eight evil #earworms that have been passed onto me in the last couple of weeks. You're welcome. Feel free to pass them on to others. And share your favorites in the comments. (Links to YouTube videos are always appreciated.)

NEXT SONG: Pour Some Sugar On Me ->


NEXT SONG: Who Let The Dogs Out? ->

NEXT SONG: It's a Small World ->

NEXT SONG: Cherry Pie ->

NEXT SONG: Barbie Girl ->

NEXT SONG: Jessie's Girl ->

Which #earworm song drives you nuts?

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