Easily Delicious Orange Honey Salmon with Sautéed Kale

It's important to know your strengths and a chef I am not. Don't get me wrong, I can cook but if I won $100 million cooking would be the first thing I would scratch off my list. And this is exactly why you should pay close attention to any recipes I post. If I can make them and make them good then they are really easy and you'll be happy to have them in your rotation. 

I found this recipe for grilled Salmon on All Recipes by some marinade wizard that goes by the name of Kerri Skrudland. You can see the original post right HERE!! I made a few very minor changes and here they are:

Orange Honey Salmon

The Line Up: 

  • 1/3 cup organic Orange Juice
  • 1/3 cup Bragg Liquid Aminos (less sodium than low sodium soy sauce)
  • 1/4 cup Raw White Honey
  • 1 tablespoon freshly ground ginger
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • Salmon Filets


  • Throw it all in a freezer Ziploc bag and let the salmon filet soak it all in for about an hour
  • Bake it at 350 on a sheet of aluminum foil for about 12-14 minutes
  • You can grill it if you want. I haven't attempted to even turn on a grill so I stick with the oven.

Make sure you have a toddler poke the fish while it is marinating. 

Sauteed Kale

The Line Up:

  • Olive Oil
  • Minced Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Sea Salt
  • Kale (remove the stems - less your stomach will revolt and you will feel the wrath


  • Coat a sauté pan with olive oil 
  • throw in as much minced garlic as you like and cook until almost brown
  • turn the heat down low
  • put the kale in, sprinkle some sea salt over it, toss it around, and put a lid on it
  • I let this sorta steam/sauté for a minute and then turn the heat completely off
  • I like my kale with a little crunch so keep an eye on it and toss it around so it doesn't stick
  • When your kale is to your liking squeeze some fresh lemon on it and you are DONE! 

Here is the final delicious product:

*I also like to add this little guy to the plate: Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice




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