Easy breakfast tip to start the day


Dutch people eat a lot of bread. We eat it at least twice a day, for breakfast AND lunch. Usually with 'beleg', which means with some sort of topping like cheese, ham or chocolate sprinkles (yes, really!).
So when I tell Dutch people I don't eat bread for lunch when I'm in France, they have a hard time imagining what one eats if sandwiches are not an option. Frankly, I did too in the beginning, but I can tell you now that having an entrecĂ´te for lunch is quite an appealing option! And it didn't take long for me to get fully adjusted to longer lunch breaks, with a hot meal. Although I do miss my tosti (Dutch grilled cheese sandwich) now and then.

For the French, the Dutch focus on bread is just as confusing. They usually eat a tartine avec confiture in the morning and that's that, it's never considered the main part of a meal. When I tell French kids that most Dutch children have to eat a tartine with something more or less savoury like peanut butter or cheese before they can have one with sweet confiture at breakfast, they look at me with great disbelief, not convinced that there's really a country where children are obliged to eat cheese or ham in the morning. Strangely, my introduction of the chocolate sprinkles to the breakfast table wasn't successful at all, because even though le pain au chocolat is perfectly acceptable, the sprinkles were considered to be candy!

I have introduced the French around me to my savoury Dutch breakfasts consisting of eggs and bacon, with varying success. Kids seem to like it and happily eat bacon in the morning, grown ups however look at me like I've just suggested to start the day with some bloody mary's (while even those may be appropriate at certain days).

For all of you who like a sweet breakfast and want something else than the boring old sandwich, here's an easy recipe to change your morning routine. Suitable for Dutch and French, and anyone else for that matter.

 Recipe on Eva in the Kitchen.


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