Easy Dress Repair

I have set a challenge for myself.

I am going the repair four dresses before the end of May. Three dresses are vintage and one is modern. Why May you ask? Because then I will go to the West fjords (of Iceland), where the owner of two of the vintage ones loves and I want to bring them to her all finished and pretty.

The other two belong to my older daughter.

I tackled the first one today. It’s the modern one and it was badly torn at the sleeves:

This happens when quite loosely woven wool fabric meets way to rigid, overly reinforced (in relation to the flimsy fabric) and a tiny bit to tight band at the end of the sleeve.

The pull from the band tears the fabric from the seam and the result is these big holes.

The first thing I did was to carefully unpick the sleeve seam. The edges were very torn and frayed so I cut away the destroyed bits and made them nice and neat.

Then plan was to make slits in the sleeves, instead of seams, to relive the tension from the sleeve bands. So I hemmed the would be slits as narrowly as possible and used a black ribbon for reinforcement. (A bias tape would have been way better, but I did’t have any in black and not any suitable black fabric to make some either. There is no fabric store in the village, so I use what I have.)

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