Easy Fall Candle Idea

Here’s an idea for a simple DIY fall candle project.

I have an abundance of buckthorn growing in my woods. While it is an invasive bush that is taking over in many parts of the country, it is also a hard wood that has a lot of nice color to it.

I cut this branch from a live tree:


Not too great yet, huh? Well, hang in there, it gets better.

Now, lets square up a cut with a mitre as best we can. Then lets cut a few short pieces (3-4 inches) a medium piece, and a longer piece, (7-9 inches). Use your judgement to cut the best lengths possible with the wood you have. Be mindful of making your cuts parallel to each other so that the top and bottom are as square as possible.


It is enough to have just these three lengths, but I also added some other smaller ones too.

Now, we need to drill holes for the tea light candles. Use a 1 1/2 inch bit, that will fit the candle perfectly. You can measure the depth by placing the bit next to a candle and marking the bit with tape. As you drill into the wood, when the tape hits the wood it is time to stop.


Line up your bit to your block of wood and start drilling. Usually high speed and light pressure gives the cleanest cut.


While I was making these, I also made a small log into a candle holder.  Here’s a picture of how I did that:


To finish the project, check the cut edges, if they are rough, use a hand sander to smooth them out. But a sharp blade on a mitre will give a very smooth cut.

Clean off your new candle holders and use them to decorate:



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