Easy Gumball Necklace

 Last year, my daughter and I worked on a cute project to include for her select "best girlfriends" when she handed out her Valentine's.  We made gumball necklaces!  They turned out soooo cute and were relatively easy to make.  Here are the supplies you'll need: 

--Large gumballs (1 inch) (the small ones are readily available, but the large ones are a little harder to find; try a craft store or eBay)
--Satin ribbon (we used a width of 5/8")
--Sewing needle (not too tiny, but not the super large ones)

Thread your satin ribbon end through the eye of the need, leaving about a 2-3 inch lag.  I found it helpful to pre-poke a hole on opposite ends of the gumball with the pointy end of a paper clip.  Then, gently yet firmly push the needle through the gumball.  This will take some strength and you will probably crack a few until you get the hang of it!  The needle is also very pointy as you are trying to push, so I cushioned my fingers with a small cloth.  You will want to start your first gumball about 1 1/2 to 2 feet down the length of the ribbon.  You are starting on the far end of the ribbon and working your way back to the cut end. 

Once the ribbon is threaded through, tie a knot on both sides so that they cushion the holes you have just made and keep the gumball from slipping on the ribbon.  Then, repeat the same process and leave about a 3 inch gap between each gumball.  
I used 6 gumballs per necklace, but feel free to adjust as you see fit.  You could bunch a lot together at the center of the ribbon and leave the rest of the necklace plain.  Be creative and make a fun design!