Easy Steps to Reduce Stress…. Naturally

Easy Steps to Reduce Stress…. Naturally

Easy Steps to Reduce Stress…. NaturallyBy Jo Garcia Lifestyle Blogger.

There are many ways to reduce stress, some of which require less effort than others. Sometimes we’re so stressed that it’s even more stressful to think about how to reduce our stress. If you’re at that point, here are some solutions that take almost no effort at all and can help you rid yourself of unhealthy stress levels. Limit Internet and Cell Phone Use It sounds strange, but if you think about it, turning away from the Internet and shutting off our cell phones allows us to block some of the sources of stress. It might be hard to do, as we feel almost an addiction to being connected, but this could be crucial for some of us in reaching a more relaxing way of life. It is particularly important to cut off electronic use before sleep, which can cut down on insomnia-related problems.

Drink Tea This one might be the most enjoyable of all the stress reducers. There is some evidence that tea not only reduces stress, but induces relaxation. Some of the stress-reducing teas you can try are chamomile, lavender, green tea and mint.

Keep Moving Exerting yourself physically in order to reap the benefits of relaxation may also seem strange;. no one is saying you need to take up running, but move as often as possible! Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you that proper exercise is a fantastic method of ‘working off’ stress and leads to a higher state of relaxation. Exercise directly combats the life-shortening effects of stress. So if exercise is not your cup of tea, simply get out and walk for 15 minutes and notice the difference right away. Add some stretches and notice an even greater improvement in stress levels.

Take your Vitamins According to Livestrong.com, B-12 is one of the vitamins responsible for regulating the activity of your nervous system, which is affected by stress and can help alleviate tension by acting as a sedative on your nerves. Maintaining a high level of Vitamin B-12 should help reduce your sleep problems but, as always, talk with your doctor.

By keeping it simple and focusing on just a few things to improve your stress, you won’t overwhelm yourself, which may just increase your stress level! Just turn off the smartphone at bedtime, take your vitamins, drink your favorite tea and remember not to sit still all day.