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My love/hate relationship with grocery shopping has grown into 100% love because of coupons and price matching. Currently I am just price matching, and it seems like I always get asked by the person behind me checking out ”what are you doing”? Price Matching is great, simple and you can save between $10-$30 each shopping trip by doing it.

On Tuesday’s you should receive your local grocery store flyers in the mail. If you don’t I suggest you go and ”bookmark” your local grocery stores on your computer so you can keep up with their new weekly specials. I go ahead and plan out our meals for the two weeks so I know what we need. After that I get our flyers I sit down with a piece of paper and look through each flyer and write down the store name, item, price, size of item and create my ”Savings Grocery List”. I use these awesome grocery list templates to help me keep my regular shopping items organized.


We always shop at our neighborhood Wal-Mart store. They are great about price matching, but always make sure you bring your ads with you and check your current stores ”Price Matching/Coupon” policies.

When you are placing your sale items in your grocery cart make sure you place them in the back or front of your cart to make the checking out process easy for you and your cashier. After I get all my regular items on the conveyor belt I always inform the cashier the items behind ”here” are all price matching items.

My favorite part is when everything + the price matching items are rung up and I see that I am under budget and that’s money I can add to our next shopping trip. Trust me I have gone over, and going over budget isn’t a option so I have to suck it up and tell the cashier I don’t need ”x” item. Don’t be embarrassed by having to do that, it’s means that you are staying on track!

Try this out on your next shopping trip to see how much money you can save, it’s totally worth it!


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