Eat A Cheesburger

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Eat A Cheeseburger is about the social pressures we feel as women to be the thinnest we can be. We are encouraging women to speak out against our
thin-obsessed society, make fun of it and reminding them to EAT! We
think this to be a healthier alternative to those who succumb to
cumbersome and restrictive eating habits that may or may not reflect in
their body.

Despite your current jean size, I’m sure you’ve had those thoughts
of self-criticism. We sure have. And we’re sick of it. This blog makes
fun of our society’s obsession with thin and speaks out against the
social voice which tells us, “Don’t eat that, you’ll get fat!” and “The
thinner you are the better.” We want women everywhere to eat freely,
walk freely, look in the mirror freely, step on the scale freely, go
jean shopping freely, socialize freely, live freely and embrace who
they are freely! We invite you to start by eating a cheeseburger (beef,
boca, veggie, soy, turkey and any other kind of burger you can think
of) or anything for that matter!