Eat The Cookie, Buy the Shoes by Joyce Meyer

WOW! I was a bit reluctant to pick up this book and read it. I am not one who lets go, loosens up and has fun in life. After reading, Joyce's words of Godly wisdom and using this book as a Bible study, I am giving myself permission to lighten up and have fun in life. She teaches how to balance being a disciplined, having self control and yet enjoying a lighter kind of life with less stress and worry. I recommend to those, like myself are uptight in life and need to loosen up, lighten up and have fun. Joyce shared that it's okay to celebrate ourselves, our lives, that we don't have to live a life weighed down by burdens. God has taken care of that for us. 
"If you see yourself as a person who has discipline and self control than you will manifest discipline and self control."
"Once you get committed to living in rest in peace your find ways to approach life differently"

You really need to grab a copy of this to get a grasp on great a Godly, Christ filled, joyful life is to get.


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